We are deeply sad to the worst natural disaster happened in Malaysia. The heavy flood have been affected to 7 states in Peninsular Malaysia.
We are very sorry to everyone who badly affected🥲
Please pray and help the victims🙏 and always stay safe…
Here’s some tips if anyone of you affected by the flood:
According to the National Flood Forecasting and Warning System, here’s how you can prepare for the floods.

Develop an evacuation plan. Everyone in your family should know where to go if they have to leave. Trying to make plans at the last minute can be upsetting and create confusion.
Discuss floods with your family. Everyone should know what to do in case all family members are not together. Discussing floods ahead of time helps reduce fear and anxiety and lets everyone know how to respond.
Determine what to move up, out or away, and then do it: feed supplies, furniture, clothing, medical equipment/medicines, important family papers, jewellery, electronics, food, etc.
Use the safest routes to a predetermined place. Avoid roads that will probably be blocked by water.
Know how to turn off utilities, such as gas, electricity and water.
Tell friends and relatives where you will be in case of evacuation.
Maintain a disaster supply kit at home. A kit will have (at minimum):
First aid supplies
Flashlight with extra batteries
Non-perishable food
Drinking water
Candles, matches
Essential medicines
Warm clothes, Blanket(s) or sleeping bag(s)
Rain gear or a change of clothing]
Make sure you have emergency supplies on hand that are stored in one or two containers that can be used if you stay, but also taken in case of evacuation.
Set aside in clean, plastic containers one gallon of drinking water per person, per day for seven days.
Teach children how and when to call 999, police, fire department, and show them which radio station to tune to for emergency information.