To all Our Valuable Divers, fyi Our DC CAN NOT do these following things:
1. Provide you “magic letter” for interstate travel. We wont do any violation to law and SOP by government. We can not bare the risk to pay RM 50,000 fine
2. Take our divers to extreme underwater current dive site for shorter bottom time then trip can finished earlier. We want our divers to enjoy diving and fun with possible longer bottom time. During leisure dives, there s no such thing as rushing except for emergency.
3. Take our divers to dive sites which not suitable to divers level. Safety is our priority.
4. Serve you with the non-maintenance dive gears and cylinder tanks. Safety and satisfaction of using our equipment are our priority.
If other DC can do all above then appologize our DC will never do. Thank you for your understanding.

Note: all items above are based on true story and questions from divers