Tenggol Island
Swim through
Canon R5
Canon 8-15mm
Marelux housing
Bigblue dive lights 18000lumens

This year has been a tough year for Tenggol Island. With the absence of the infamous whale sharks it was hard to find subjects. I had to think of a way how to help this beautiful Tiny Island.

Many do not know that Tenggol Island is made volcanic structure thousand of years ago.

Age: Carboniferous (geological time scale) equivalent to 350 millions of years ago as per Tiur Aldha a geologist says ..

I hope with this type of pictures I get to pull more people into Tenggol and enjoy the beautiful landscape of this Island

If you have a keen eye for details you see that the formation of the stones and landscapes are simply just amazing..

I have such a beautiful country. Im truly Blessed… Malaysia 🇲🇾 truly Asia …

Model Azman

Bigblue Dive Lights Malaysia
Big Blue Dive Lights Hong Kong Headquarter