Our deep condolence to the pass away of Tom Mount, IANTD CEO, President, Board o…

Our deep condolence to the pass away of Tom Mount, IANTD CEO, President, Board of Director. May His Soul Rest In Peace.
Brief history about him , a big name in Diving Industry especially in Technical Diving:

Tom Mount was one of the pioneers in relation to diver training and development of dive tables in relation to the use of trimix as a breathing gas for diving. At the time, and for many years subsequently, IANTD was the only technical diver training organization in the world. Mount remains a member of the board of directors of the IANTD.

Mount has published a number of technical diving texts, including the Technical Diver Encyclopedia, Exploration and Mixed Gas Diving Encyclopedia and Tek Closed Circuit Rebreather.

He was also a founding member of the National Association for Cave Diving, the first cave diver training organization in the United States. Mount’s contribution to recreation scuba diving was acknowledged with a SSI Platinum Pro 5000 Diver in 1993[2] and a NOGI Award for ‘Sports/Education’ in 2000.

Tom Mount is the President of lANTD. He brings 36 years of active diving leadership to IANTD. Tom’s career includes military diving, commercial diving, research diving, saturation diving, supervision of saturation diving projects and a wide variety of recreational diving leadership positions.

Tom became the ice President of IANTD in 1991 and developed Standards and Procedures for technical diving. In 1991 he accepted Dick Rutkowski’s proposal to become the President of IANTD. Since that time Tom has been active as President of IANTD and Tom Mount’s Quality Diver Education. Tom has LOGGED in excess of H, 000 dives including more than 1, 400 cave dives, !,100 wreck dives and more than 1,100 dives deeper than 100 fsw Tom is truly one of the most, if not the most, all around experienced technical divers in the world today.

Tom is the author of The Cave Diving Manual, Safe Cave Diving, The Greatest Adventure Photography, Practical Diving, The New Practical Diving, Mixed Gas Diving, The Army Corps of Engineering Course Syllabus, The Advanced Diver Student Workbook The Technical EANx Student Workbook, Tire Trimix Student Workbook and the soon to be released Cave Diving Student Manual and Workbook a contributor to the NOAA dive manual, author of hundreds of articles in various magazines worldwide. His photographs have received publication and acclaim internationally. Tom has worked with the Courteous, Bruno Valetti and John Stoneman and several other production companies on various ?V specials and has been involved in commercial and advertising photography. Tom is also a Master in Martial Arts, a licensed Coast Guard Captain and an airplane pilot.

Tom is an IANTD Instructor Trainer at al! levels. NA CD Instructor, NA UI Instructor Trainer, PADI Instructor number 498, and has been mentioned in the books no’s no and no’s no In Diving. Tom has received dozens of awards for his contributions to diving.


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