How to Assemble Your Dive Gear: A Step-by-Step Guide
• Begin by inspecting your dive tank or cylinder to confirm its last testing date and ensure that the valve’s O-ring is intact and correctly seated.
• Slip the strap of your buoyancy control device (BCD) over the top of the cylinder, positioning the valve to face the back of your jacket. Ensure there is a minimum of four fingers’ space between the top of the BCD strap and the cylinder’s neck, and securely tighten the BCD in place.
• Now, take your regulators and remove the dust cap. Place the first stage over the cylinder valve, ensuring that the second stages are on your right side. Screw the first stage securely into place.
• Attach the inflator hose to your BCD, ensuring a secure connection.
• Before turning on the air, adjust your air gauge so that the glass faces away from you.
• Slowly open the valve until it is fully open, and your dive gear is ready for use.