How is feel dive into 40 meters? Absolutely you can explore interesting underwater scene and critters who live down deep. If you interested in technical diving in the future then Deep Dive Course is the gate opening on the way for you to be a Technical Diver.
To be able diving down to 40 meters depth, you need to be certified as DEEP DIVER👌🏻
In IANTD, there are 2 types of deep diver courses: without deco stop or with deco stop.
Both courses, you will carry 2 tanks as recommended. Or you can combine with sidemount diver course which is highly recommended.
2023 Bucket list is a deep diver? Why not.. more knowledge and skills you can achieve in this course. Just sign up this course with Us👌🏻
Why choose Us for your DEEP DIVER COURSE?:
✅ Silver Facility of IANTD (International Association of Nitrox & Technical Diver). It was established in the world of technical diving then also developed of recreational diving. You must know that technical diving has more safety procedures. Then adopted to IANTD recreational diving course.
“No Matter What Your Goal is IANTD can take you there”
✅ Combo package with Sidemount Diver Course is available
✅Price starts from RM900/pax
✅ Trained by well experienced In-house Instructor will teach you details about scuba diving in face to face without watching video.
✅ Experienced adventurous dives and skills training in Tenggol Island popular as “Mini Sipadan” and top rank beautiful dive sites in Peninsular Malaysia
✅ Free T-shirt
✅ Our Facilities: swimming pool, class room, cozy Dive Center near to homestay & hotel, 42’ twin engine speedboat

Let’s Join Us Exploring Underwater World from Learning to Adventures🤙🏻

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