Drowning is the primary cause of most diving fatalities. But many scuba diving fatalities are PREVENTABLE. DIVE SMARTER! Start by checking out this infographic! Dive safe and fun👌

Yesterday we asked “TRUE or FALSE: Drowning is the primary cause of most diving fatalities” (We admit this question was super tricky, but we made it that way for a reason.) TECHNICALLY, the most common cause of death in diving fatalities is drowning (this ultimate cause of death is determined by coroners or medical examiners). HOWEVER, in the DAN & UHMS Medical Examination of Diving Fatalities Symposium, we found that a large number of scuba diving-related deaths ascribed to drowning may in fact be due to other causes: specifically sudden cardiac death and, to a lesser extent, arterial gas embolism (AGE). Also, some fatalities originally labeled as “immersion” or “drowning” deaths have… More