Can you believe that it’s mid year already?! Diving Season is just 4 months left 👌🏻
Let’s Join Us Exploring Underwater World in Tenggol Island – Terengganu🤙🏻
Why Tenggol Island?
✅ Famous with whale shark resident in the surrounding Island
✅ Popular as “Mini Sipadan”
✅ Healthy coral and lots of fishes
✅ Superb Visibility
✅ Great sites for macro and wide angle photography
Etc, etc.. Dive to Believe👌🏻
Why Choose Us as your preferable Tenggol Day Trip ?
✅ Licensed Local Government
✅ IANTD Facility
✅ Hassle Free
✅ Nitrox blend
✅ Cozy DC at Jalan Pantai Sura-Dungun near to hotels and restaurants
✅ Facility on our speed boat: comfy, toilet, gear assembly by our professional crew, Pure Oxygen & First Aid (safety first), delicious food & beverage. Contact Us for info & booking:

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