Scuba Network Tenggol is a Dive Centre based in Dungun, Terengganu, Malaysia since 2017. Our Services: Fun Dive & Snorkeling Day Trips to TENGGOL ISLAND and also Scuba Diving Courses. We have our own Dive Lodge in the mainland in Dungun.


The group provides forum for us to exchange idea’s, information’s and encourage continuing diving education, co-operation with all other of the marine environment, and also provide social interaction and fellowship among those with similar interests in scuba diving and related activities.

Our membership consists of divers from all walks of life and age groups and a wide variety of interest. We offer to be a member from all over the world.

Your participation in this group will allow you to develop a network of dive buddies, meet new friends and enjoy the camaraderie renowned among the scuba divers.

Our website holds information about the activities throughout the year. Photos gallery that appear from the website have been provided by the members.

If you are interested in helping with this group, have any ideas, share experience and underwater photography, feel free to contact us or you can post to our forum with any questions, comments or information to share with others. Divers and non-divers are welcome to our website and join our events and activities from time to time.


1). To promote interest in scuba diving.

2). To promote awareness regarding the importance of protecting
and conserving our coral reefs and aqua-marine life to the public.

3). To dedicate ourselves to the advancement of the sport together with sound conversation, good sportsmanship and cooperation with federal, states and local agencies, as well as other worthwhile groups and projects.

4). To promote safe diving and encourage the enjoyment of diving by our member.

5). To encourage conservation and sensible utilization of our aquatic
resource and to preserve the beauty of our shores.

**All diving activities are planned and supervised by certified
Instructor and Dive Master.

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